Our Difference

our difference

  • We are a partner, not an agency
  • We are not one-size-fits-all and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.  We work with your budget and offer a la carte, month to month or contracted services.
  • With our “always on” service we are readily available and are able to jump in wherever you are in the process to help you get to the next level.
  • We offer full accountability and transparency.  You know exactly how much time we are devoting to your business and what kind of results you are getting.
  • Our quality is unmatched, and we offer an extra edge to your business in a competitive world.
  • As companies are asked to do more with less, we offer the expertise that you need with solutions you can afford. 

advantages of working with us

Have you been let down by unreliable media vendors due to poor service, lack of results or a revolving door of contacts?  We can help with selection, management and auditing of vendors to ensure performance.

You immediately benefit from a trained expert who is ready to lead.  We add an independent and impartial perspective.  Someone outside your organization can help add a pair of fresh eyes to make sure your marketing strategy stays fresh.

Resources and marketing tools can be costly…which adds to your bottom line.  When you work with us we already have access to the best tools and solutions out there.  Our connections in the community and relationships with other businesses also allows us to help formulate strategic partnerships which benefit your business and help strengthen the local economy.

A wrong hire can cost you a lot of money.  It is difficult to let someone go but easy to cut ties with an outside source if they are not performing to your needs.  In addition, every minute spent without a person dedicated to marketing can leave sales dollars on the table.  We can start quickly to move the dial fast and get you the results that you need. 

With our Managed Marketing services your marketing dollars go right towards marketing tasks that help grow your organization.  There are no salaries, PTO/overtime or more people for HR to manage.  We give you all the advantages of an in-house marketing professional with lower financial burden.  Also remember that while it may seem cost-effective to assign marketing tasks to current employees in an effort to save, piling on too many tasks (or assigning tasks to those that may not have expertise) can lead to employee burnout.